Indonesia visa renewals

Can people make a border run in order to stay longer?

Yes but immigration can get a bit suspicious if you do it a lot.
You can also get a paid 30 day visa that's extendable for 30 days (If still available) or an extendable 60 day SosBud if you have an Indonesian sponsor, the latter I believe giving you a max of 6 months without leaving the country.
I'm a bit out of date so the above requires checking.

Thanks Fred.

You may get asked a few questions I.e. are you working, why are you here, where do you live, do you have family etc but it’s fine to do the Visa run etc, just be polite and answer any questions truthfully and you’ll be fine
Some nationality’s are more frowned upon than others and I have know Thailand and Philippines nationals refused entry
Expats where I am have done this for many many years with no issues but immigration are keen to find people working illegally
Earlier In the year I went to South Korea for 5 weeks working, I made a point of letting immigration know when I was leaving that I would be returning with my equipment,(didn’t want to lose any of it returning as some was very expensive or suspicion with working illegally )  it was no issue

Most people fly to Singapore..with an agent there u can do it in a day..60 days..and 1 mth see Immigration..each month...for 4 u 6 months...on a cultural will need a sponser..

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