Thinking of moving to Dubai Feb/March 2018 - HELP

Hi All,

I am born and currently living in the UK. Currently working in central London in Administration.
I have had quite a low few past 13/14 months of my life which has been really hard for me but I'm trying to think positive.
I want to move to dubai for a few months (6 months if possible) at the beginning of 2018 to get away from the lifestyle here for a bit. Could anyone recommend any places to look for jobs or and recommendations on places to rent. I would like to be ideally near business bay. I have visited dubai several times before and i really like it. I don't really know anyone in dubai thats why i thought i would give this website a shot and try and find some friends!

Im 26 Year old female, I'm vegetarian, I love cooking and entertaining. I enjoy shisha sessions and a good breakfast/brunch. I also like going to the gym

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You can search for jobs in

Hi I am also moving there message me.

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