Hello guys
I'm a Cameroonian I will like to visit Singapore next month and from understanding we don't need a visa to get to Singapore..... I did some research on the ICA website pls I don't know if that's  all the docs they will need or are they any additional requirements for some countries?????? .... I have some funds to sponsor stay there and a bangkok bank debit account card which I can show for back up.. And there is a branch in singapore.
***Pls I need to know if there is any additional docs I can show apart from those on the ICA website.

Follow ICA, governing body in Singapore who regulates and operates the immigration checkpoint. You should have sufficient cash and international credit card & debit card (proof of bank statement, incase they ask at immigration centre), return ticket, hotel booking details (if you are showing proof of sponsorship then provide house address, contact number & or letter from the sponsor).

Hello thanks for the reply
I have about US$ 2320 at hand and a Bangkok Bank card with some money inside I think US$1290.00 in case they ask.... And a hotel booking is that OK?

You have sufficient cash and hotel booking (proof of your stay in Singapore). The only thing either you forgot to mention or didn’t book yet is return air ticket. Happy n safe journey. Enjoy your time in Singapore.

OK mate thanks very much I will do that.

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