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Im from India,I applied E pass in augst 2017 with help of agent in Singapore after 1 month it got rejected so agent told that he appealed again in MOM but my status is still shows as rejected.How can I know that he appealed I can't able to view the status.how long it will take....Pls clarify me

I already replied to your PM.
Ease do not send or post the same thing twice! Unless the question is confidential, posting on the forum is preferrable, because you can profit from the experience of many - and others can also read the replies.

Appeals are often not shown in the online system. Ask your employer or call MoM!
Appeals without additional information or justification have no chance of approval.
Your employer (or its appointed agent) cannot charge you for visa application or fee. If they do, don’t pay and look for a more homest one!

Thank u so very much

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