Door suppliers & fitting!?

Hi I need a new front door preferably white, UPVC?
My house is near a village not from Byala Ruse district? (I have had a guy come out but he has not come back to me with a price!?)
If anyone can in-box me please?
Cheers Steve.

***There must be more than one supplier within range. Best select the triple glass option which is good for security.

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It was very interesting to share your thoughts for all Bulgarians daxman. I really appreciate it.

However I will still report it as improper and insulting comment and if I ever see sth. like this again will ask the admins to delete it.

Call it typical Bulgarian if you like, though I don't really care which nationality you will try to offend next time.

Any behaviour, differing from civilized and polite communication is NOT WELCOMED here. Call it typical Bulgarian if you like.....

Whatever! We have many many Bulgarian friends ranging from professionals and government officials at the highest level to those of more humble backgrounds and after living here for 6 years we can comment on how we have found those with whom our lives have come into contact. Whilst living in Scotland for example we learned the term 'Back of' in relation to time so that in asking what time someone would arrive we often heard 'Oh, back of 2pm' which meant any time between 2.01 and 2.59.
We have had many people working for us on various building projects and can safely say that those who turned up at the agreed time were very much in the minority.
In relation to our own 'doors and window fitting' experiences we have found that having agreed a time the team would not turn up as expected and when called would explain the would be here in 2 hours...of course they could not call us to let us know.
Don't be so sensitive, I did not mean to impugn Bulgarians as a whole since some we have dealt with are as time conscious as the average Brit, however the truth according to our own experience of many years is that the majority are not QED.

PS...Sorry if I offended you, it was not my intention to do so!

Hi everyone,

So as not to upset anyone, it would be much appreciated if we can avoid generalised comments.

Now, lets focus on the initiator's post and lets try to help him. ;)

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Priscilla team

Actually coming on time is considered normal in Bulgaria too, and valued of course. People that don't do it will be considered unreliable.

But when speaking about construction works, no matter whether fixing doors, windows, etc., it is not always possible to finish the respective work in exactly 15 minutes or 30 min. or one hour. You can give only a rough estimation, which does not include potential time consuming problems. That's why people working in this field will normally give a fixed time only for their first task for the day, Then every following task will depend on the time consumed by the previous ones.

It is quite different from making a coffee or writing an invoice ....

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