employment pass status: pass issuance stage

Hi guys,
              Iam Ali,new to the forum. I have got a job offer by a malaysian company in johor bahru & they 
have applied for my employment pass in the ESD. After long strugle for almost 40 days now the status is showing " Pass issuance stage". Can anyone tell me what does it means?  what are the next procedures and how long will it take to get the visa stamped?

Wait for HR to forward the approval letter and vdr

Thank you for the reply. i have got the approval letter just today only, they have told to submit my passport in Malaysian embassy with this letter for stamping.  what is VDR?

Visa with reference letter.  Bring the approval letter and vdr and go to the malaysian embassy in your country and collect the single entry

Only then enter Malaysia. After entering malaysia give your passport to your company to arrange for endorsement

Thanks shehajaz.

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