Any expats still here in Libya?

Hi all,

I'm Imaan, been here just under a year, but not introduced myself yet. Probably won't either with the current difficult and dangerous situation here for foreigners .
Any expats still here in Libya?
Other than this forum, how can I hook up with expats from Europe, can't seem to find any in Tripoli?


I'm Mehrez  Nokia Expact in BENGHAZi, I'm Tunisian.
If you need any help don't hesitate.

There are a few here :-)


There are a few western expats left in tripoli; but its mostly short term expats staying at hotels or similar accomodation.  I think its rare to find settled expat families in villas or compounds like it used to be before 2011.   

This site used to be full of expats networking etc but unfortunatly things have changed dramaticly in the past few years and i strongly doubt things will be the same in the near or even far future.

Good luck.

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