Best way to transfer money to England

Hi guys,

I've recently moved to the U S of A and I have a question. Every month I need to send money back to England in order to pay for my student loan. Are their any alternative ways to do this other than through my bank? Do you guys use any online companies that offer these kinds of services?

Thanks in advance.

Can's you set up an online payment system with either a credit card or your US bank?

Bob K

Yes, I've set up a payment system with my bank. But it's really quite expensive. I was wondering if anyone has tried any of the other online services like transferwise?

I can recommend Transferwise, I use it monthly without problems, the fees and exchange rates are quite good.

I too have used Transferwise and would recommend there service.

Transferwise is a very inexpensive way to send money overseas. They dont actually send the money, they exchange the money with people looking to transfer money in the opposite direction.If you set up your bills on your ATM card from the USA all you pay is a small fee for the currency exchange.

I recommend Transferwise. I have been using this website for 5 years at least to transfer USD, GBP, and EUR. Very reliable and cheaper than bank transfers.

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