E-Visa convert to work permit

My question is about e-visa service.I live in Saudi Arabia with my parents and I am single and have GCC permit.I am in Bahrain now on visit E-visa for 90 days and i have 1 year exit re entry visa from saudi(and I can extend my 90 days visit E-visa for 1 year) and now i got job offers here in Bahrain (sales and hotels).I want to know that wherever I got job can I convert my E-visa (with saudi GCC Permit) to Bahrain work permit ?and if yes then my Saudi permit visa will be finished automatically after converting? waiting for your answers :)

Ah ok.thank you so much Sir .really Appreciate :)

To answer your query , any type of visa is convertible to work visa .

You should be legally in Bahrain , not overstayed , just apply for a new work permit .

I know many who transferred their visas , those who came on evisa , on-arrival too .

And to answer your last question , no , your Saudi Permit isn't canceled unless you cancel it yourself , I have permits in both countries , resident in both Kingdoms :D

Any query , feel free to ask .

ah Really u r dual resident permit  :o ma sha Allah and it means still u paid for the new monthly taxes in Saudi ?"seems really rich"  :D
but thank you so much Sir for your Reply it's really helpful .thanks Again.

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