Hello Everyone. I'm from Thailand and I will move to work in KL on this December but I have a few questions which made me worried.

I got a job at XXX company and starting date on 2nd October (both agreed and confirm I can start working on that day). But on 30th September, they told me my application still not approve yet and I cannot go to work.

So, I agreed with them to cancel all of my things which is only cancel from the system and take 3-5 days (they said that). But they did not, they let my application approved! without telling me!! and they did not contact me always be me to contact them first.
** 30th September: the company told me I cannot go to work because my application not approved on time **
** 01st October: the application approved (they informed on 15th OCTOBER/ as they said 1st Oct is Sunday **no words**)**

Now, I got a new job with a new company that they sent my applications also. I would like to know that will be a problem.

Maybe I worried too much and stress myself for no reason. But I need to make sure everything will be ok as I dont want to lose a job which is not my mistakes.

Thank you very much!

It should be ok as you did not endorse your passport yet but you ask the previous company to inform immigration to cancel

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