Getting tourist visa from Philippines to Bangladesh

Hi, I am from the Philippines and wanted to go to bangladesh for a vacation and to visit my boyfriend. i just have a question, i have several article regarding requirements of getting a tourist visa, its just that ny boyfriend got confused with the request letter. I just want toclarify, he will be the one to make a letter, notarized and send it to Bangladeshi embassy here in the Philippines? What would be the time frame? So the embassy will contact my boyfriend or me?

Hi Davelyn,
You just need an invitation letter where all your passport's details will be. I could help you and your boyfriend to make an invitation letter in my company's pad. Just tell your friend or you could contact me by phone at +XXX(Name: T2). If I couldn't receive then SMS me your mail address with mobile no.
I will tell you or write you that what you need to send me.
After that I will send you an invitation letter. You will submit your passport, all documents and that letter to Bangladesh embassy in Your country.
You will get visa by that invitation letter.

It will help you to visit Bangladesh. So, do as I write, ok.

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Hi,im from philippines..i booked ticket to dhaka..the problem is..i dont know how and where i get the invitation or sponsor letter from bangladesh..
My flight is April 3..
Pls any one can help me plss
Can contact me at *** ..

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