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Hi, my name is Reynold Andika,  I am Indonesian, currently self-employed. I actually graduated from Taylor's University in Malaysia, with a Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management. But for personal reasons, I could not and did not pursue my career in the Hospitality Industry.
Now, trying to get a better way of living and I believe that NZ can be the perfect place for me and my little family.

I am curious since I couldn't find the requirements for working holiday visa. I would love to get the opportunity to live in NZ after having my working holiday visa, which I understand could allow me to stay and work for a maximum period of one year. After that, I could either go back to my country or apply for permanent resident permit.

I found that is where expats around the world share the experience of living and working abroad. Can any of you guys point out if it is possible for me to move to NZ? Really appreciate your help here.. Cheers

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For working holiday visa try

Thank you Stumpy  for your reply. I did look around for some info regarding my intention from there, but I didn't really find what I am looking for right now.
I am planning to live and work there permanently with my partner. Do you know any Indonesians that actually made it there? What type of visa do they have? thanks.

Try this website  The NZ Indonesian Association also have a facebook page.

Hi, I'm from Indonesia as well and looking for opportunity to NZ and as far as I'm concerned there is no working holiday  visa for Indonesian , here are the list of the country and Indonesia's not there … liday-visa)

So you have to find another way to migrate to NZ, there is a Skilled Migrant Category visa that you might consider, I'm considering this option, hopefully I can make it. Good luck!

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