How do you survive with only English in Sofia

Is it possible that a young person with a university degree does not speak English or is it just not willing to speak and help foreigners in other language? Is there maybe some you know who are more friendly to help in English? Any other suggestion is welcome than Postbank, thank you!

I've been a few times to Sofia and never had a problem with the language barrier as I find most people speak English

Some young people with a university degree may not speak a lot of English if they studied German or French in school instead of English.

Also, many Bulgarians I know are shy about speaking English at first. (Others are eager to practice their English). Many people who speak a little English may not want to or not be allowed to use it in a professional capacity for fear of misinforming you.

In general, I find people helpful when even the smallest amount of Bulgarian is used. But if it is something official (banking, immigration) and your own language skills are inadequate, always think about bringing an interpreter (professional or friend) instead of relying on the company to always have an adequate English speaker on hand.

You don't have to speak Bulgarian but I'd at the least learn the alphabet.

I see no survival problems so far. You just need to find an English speaking bank office.

Postbank is a problem by itself, even if you speak Bulgarian, there's no difference :)

I am truly sorry to hear about your experience. As an attorney and as a person who has lived in other countries I like to help people who are in need in Bulgaria as foreigners. I have it like a mission. Trying to give directions on the street or to give my professional advice without trying to rip off any foreign person walked through the door of my office. When asked for opinion in other life situation I try to listen and help.
If you need assistance with a bank officer just contact a Bulgarian friend by phone. This is what my foreign friends do. Or contact you lawyer or accountant.
If you need a friend contact me.
Have a great evening!


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