Best areas to live close to San Anton and San Andreas

Hi there,

We are coming over in June 2018 on fact finding mission to see if Malta could be our next home. We're coming from South Africa and we'd like our boys to attend an English school. My husband works from home so we'll try to find accommodation closest to the school we choose/get into.

From my research so far, I understand that Sliema and St Julian would be great places to settle if kids went to Chiswick.

However, I'm quite interested in San Anton and San Andrea, but hear that travelling from Sliema could take 45min.

Where do the families at San Anton & San Andrea live? It would be great to live close to other expats that attend these schools.

I know the schools won't be open when we come but we'd like to look at the areas nearby at least.

Any input would be highly appreciated.

The most immediate localities are Mġarr and Mosta. Then a little further there is Rabat and Mtarfa.

I would check that you will be able to obtain residency in the first place, if you have not already done so, as your profile shows that you are a TCN not EU.

Hi Foxglove,

Thanks for you message. I appreciate your concern.

I have an EU passport, as do our children. My husband is from SA but he is economically self-sufficient and would apply through the Malta Residence Programme.

We're visiting my family in the Netherlands so will be adding on a trip to Malta, as all the research in the world won't give us a real feel for the country and it's people.

Schools are the most important for us to start. I've done quite a bit of research on this already. I'd have to come back when they're open to have an interview as they'll be closed when we visit this time.

I'd like to look at the areas where families live that attend San Anton and San Andrea as these are my favourite schools thus far.

I've spoken to an acquaintance who lives in Sliema and really loves it there, and recommends that area above other, quieter areas, but I'm not sure my boys will thrive in Chiswick due to the bigger class sizes.

Every little it of info helps xxx

Thanks for mentioning these areas. I'm making notes as I go along.
So far Attard comes up quite a bit (central with amenities), and Mellieha, but the commute might be a bit tough.
I haven't read anyone mentioned St Paul's? Any input on this area?
Thanks in advance xxx

Can't help with the areas, but good to make sure you can actually get into the schools when you want to and the waiting list isn't too long.

We went through the same process before we ended up moving over - we got our daughter into St Michael's in Pembroke which we liked a lot because of what we heard from them, and from friends of ours whose kids had been through the system.

We're living initially in Qawra, just along from St Pauls Bay, and taking our time to see where to eventually base ourselves. We've done a few test runs down to the school in the morning peak .. and so far it's been much smoother than expected, the coast road not being busy until you reach the turn off to Pembroke. We might just have had a lucky few days though!

The San Anton / San Andrea schools both had waiting lists when we were looking for our daughter (this was for her starting at Kindergarten) - she was 6 months old when we started our search. However, I know quite a few kids leave the private sector if they get places in good church schools, not sure how many places may free up, perhaps the admissions people can give you a better idea.

One thing to weigh up is that if you live close to the school, but traffic is very bad, you might be better off living further out, with a longer distance, but same travel time. Some people (like my wife) feel a bit too far away from the action in Qawra / Mellieha .. I like the (relative) peace and quiet though ... and being close to the sea.

Thanks so much for your reply Lastminuteman.
Really appreciate it. Looking forward to coming to check it all out.

No problem, there's a lot to try and absorb ... we've just moved, and are still figuring out a lot of things ... (and my wife is a local).

Feel free to ask any more questions!

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