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hello dear,

I am working in an apparel company now as staff of international sales department.
Now i am considering to move to Mauritius and want to find a work there in apparel field.
As i search, there must be plenty of jobs in textile or apparel industry in Mauritius.
Will there be much chance for foreigner to get job in apparel field?
I was thinking maybe i can visit Mauritius with travel visa (probably 3 months?) and the seek for jobs while i'm staying.
or is there any specific website that has apparel industry recruitment information?

i appreciate your info in advance!

thank you,


As the Mauritian textile industry is looking forward to climb the value chain, there is definitely prospects for foreigners, especially if you have high competency and experience in the field. These are the two main requirements if you want to secure an Occupation Permit as a Professional to be able to work in Mauritius.

That said there is a high level of competition in this sector and Mauritian companies are themselves moving to countries with less costly labour especially in Africa,

Here's a website with a list of textile manufacturers in Mauritius.

Of course, you will have more success with the biggest companies which are Compagnie Mauricienne de Textile (CMT Ltd), Esquel Group. Aquarelle Clothing, Tropic Knits, FM Denim, Ciel Textile, Star Knitwear Ltd.

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