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hello! I'm HAROLD AMURAO, i stayed here in Singapore for almost 2 months. Im holding a student pass taking  masters degree in business management @ wilkie edge campus KAPLAN BUSINESS SCHOOL. As of now I'm looking for any vacant job position. I'm a Head Teacher in the Philippines for almost 3 years and i have a several teaching position both public and private school. i also served as a college part time instructor for 3 years. I knew about the guidelines in hiring of any job position here, what i want to happen now is looking for any job and as they hire me, i will ask for another pass,which my student pass change to s/e pass-and my status as a student will become part time. thank you.

Read the existing rules and check if the institute where you are currently studying is listed in this list in order for you to work while studying under student pass here. Good luck … n-students

You are welcome to read the many related discussions in this forum and find advice about how to find jobs in Singapore there.
For teaching jobs, you may want to apply at MoE and/or private schools.

hello what is MOE?
how about in applying in a private schools do i need to check in MOE?

hello sir tnxs for the info. my school is not included in the list . but what i want now is yo have a work here in SG, once hired ,i want to change my pass into S/W pass then i will inform my school then they will also arrange my time schedule instead of everyday going to school it will become a weekends study.

haroldamurao :

hello what is MOE?
how about in applying in a private schools do i need to check in MOE?

MoE is Ministry of Education and is in charge of jobs at public schools - I am surprized you don't know this, as a teacher looking for work. You need to do a lot more of your own research if you are serious about finding a job here!

ah how about applying in a private schools do i need to register in MOE?

With such specific questions I think it is better to approach MoE or the private school.

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