Heat Adjustment

Has anyone else from the West struggled to adjust to the intense humidity and heat in Jakarta? Has anyone adjusted positively? And if so, how?
Thanks much to whomever responds,

I have in the past but now after 10 years I don't seem to have too much issue with it but my tips include:

1. Wear a singlet under t-shirts and shirts
2. Don't drink when very hot as it makes things worse but do drink often
4. Pocari sweat or mizone now again helps
5. Watch yout salt intake as you may losing more salt than you take in and that is equally as bad as not being hydrated
6. Hot tea is great in the afternoon
7. Wear a hat
8. Sleep in the daytime without AC
9. Shower in cold water before sleep and first thing - well I don't have hot water
10. Spicy food helps you sweat it out
11. Talcom powder is useful as are baby wipes
12. Be thankful as everyday is hot and blue sky days are great but do cover up as the sun still burns despite the pollution.

The humidity here is less than Singapore and KL and also the jungle where it is intense. It takes time but it only becomes hot when my wife complains how 'bloody hot it is' then we have icecream. Ace.

TY Much....will try some of those suggs! I remain AC as much as poss...and I figured I needed to try something else! TY

The human body is adaptable so we can do a lot if we have the right mindset.
I suggest forgetting hot water, sticking to cold showers whenever you happen to feel like one. I take a minimum of three per day, commonly a lot more and quickie showers between.

Forget sugary drinks in favour of water. Luke's suggestion (4) might well be valid but I dislike those so I never drink them.

Also, chill in mind to chill in body. Stressed out is bad news and going to get you sweaty.

Thats a good tips from Luke, so agree with bathing with cold water. Other than mizone and pocari, cool coconut water will be heaven  :top:

Coconut water is very popular so you'll find lots of little shops with piles of coconuts outside and a dude with a really big chopper.
Always fresh and easy to pop into the fridge so it's nice and cold when you drink it.

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