Looking for friends in Beijing

Good evening follow expats:

I recently moved here from the USA (NYC) to live with my wife in Huilonguan, Changping district of Beijing.  My wife is native Chinese and we are interested in meeting other interesting people and couples to share conversation, experience and we are both foodies.

Anybody interested, let us know and we shall share a bottle of wine!

Look forward to hearing from you!

In addition, as a young man from Queens, NY, a real home body, who would have thought I would end up living in Beijing China at my age.  However I have embraced life here and of course the food, the flavor and the atmosphere.

Please share your thoughts with me.

Hi Rich, I am Aaron. I am from the south Florida. I am always up for meeting new people.

Thanks for your reply Aaron.

Please advise your interests?

Look forward to hearing from you!

Hi Rich,

I like Spades, Bridge, rock climbing, cycling, skating, skiing, jazz, movies, theatre, hiking, reading, diving, jogging. My interests are pretty diverse.



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