Paying bills in Saudi Arabia

Hello everyone,

What bills do you pay? If you are renting, are bills included in the price of rent, and is this common practice in Saudi Arabia?

How can you pay your bills (e.g. online, at provider's store, at the post office)? Which is the most convenient or reliable way?

With what frequency are different bills sent in Saudi Arabia? Are there different deadlines for payment?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


one of the most easiest and common way used by most us is through sadad...and it has become more easier at the tip of your fingers with mobile banking applications....

Pay By Online with mobile banking application

Through Atm or bank we can pay the bills

Mostly Bills are not included in the rent.
Most convinient is paying online or by Sadaad    through ATM.
Frequency is monthly.

If you are renting furnished accommodations, you usually don't pay for utilities, however, your rent contract should clearly indicate what is included in the rent.

You can pay your bills online, mostly through SADAD, which is a service to pay your bills using your ATM card or through your online bank. SADAD list include major public services providers, like government agencies, telecom, utilities, airlines, etc...

Telephone, internet, electricity are mostly monthly bills, due by end of the month. I think for some services you can set your monthly payment date.

Phone and Electricity via online banking.

Most importantly now we don't go to any bank, the salary is coming to the bank and we do all bill payments via online, ATM or Card

I am very pleased with Alahli / NCB and SABB

Good Morning
Dear I used to pay my bill from Al Rajhi online account. I have added there a subscriber number of the relevent bills like electricity bill, internet bill and air tickets etc.
During seven years i did not get any penality.😊
Best Regards
Mahmood ul Hassan
Ph.D scholar

through SADAD (Online Banking)


Some compounds have the electricity and water bills included in your rent. For others like telecom, it is best to use your bank account to make the payments online, user friendly and avoids the hassle of driving to the service provider and wait in queue. 


I rent a 2BHK flat in Adama and usually pay the rent by the old age system of Aqari through Cash which includes water bill quarterly payment SAR 60. Apart from that there is Electricity and Internet bill which I pay through online banking.

Adil Moinuddin


There are multiple ways to pay the bills
The easiest could be Internet Banking. You can pay all your utility bills through Sadad System which is available in all Internet banking web portals.

ATM machines can also be used for this purpose.
You can pay Bills for all types, like water and electric, telecommunication related bills, etc.

Government fees which are related to your traffic fines, resident permit related fees etc. etc. can also be paid through sadad.

I hope it clears your mind, if not, you can ask me again

Hi Priscilla 
Actually. my contract as expat in KSA includes full accommodation with utility bills paid by the employer.
But in general. the area where I am located is the "Dammam , eastern side". life is so easy,  all facilities are available. all kind of restaurant and all kind of accommodation you like and most of resident in the city are expat. Hence I didn't find any problem using my credit card or debit card "which is not KSA"or cash when I like
hope my answer reply your question


It is very easy to pay the bills accordingly and also its very easy with the help of technology and texting services with your bank to avoid all kind of penalties. and you will be able to pay it before the deadline.

I am always using online banking to pay the bills.


Well I Pay

Electricity Bill,
My Car Rent To Abdul Latif Jameel
My STC Landline Bill

All Done By Online Account From My Bank.

And Alhamdulillah I didn't Make Payment Late So Never Got Any Penalty & Inshallah Will Not Found Any In Future Too.


As a routine every month  we pay online from bank accounts  Electric, mobile and Internet bills.
water and house rents are paid in installment.


Hi Priscilla,

I guess it is the same answer from all. Now most bills are paid online via your bank's online options whether it is through SADAD or other options available.

Have a blessed day ahead.

I prefer paying online through my bank account and I think all banks provide this service for free.

I pay following bills monthly:
- Electricity bill
- Telephone bill

Even I recharge my prepaid mobile numbers online instead of buying a recharge card and manually sending in codes... Which is much faster and convenient.

Surely there are penalties if you miss the deadline... But I rarely missed it so don't know much about it...

We herr only to pay billd. Bills every where and i think soon we will receive bill for breathing air in saudi. So there no problem at all

Through Bank

By credit card or net banking

1. From bank app
2. By visiting bank

Most of the bills such as Electricity, Telephone, Traffic Fines etc can be paid through ATM's. Every such account or fine will have a SADAD reference number and you will use this reference to make payments. Government fees also can be paid online through the respective website portals.

Mobile payments and recharge can be done through either online, prepaid cards, ATM's or the respective vendors offices.

All bills are paid electronically using the mobile phone. This includes electricity, cell and landlines, internet ...etc.

Hello Priscilla,

yes, i do pay bills. mostly i use my NCB account to pay bill on my name or Iquama which is very easy process. Even for paying my traffic penalties use my NCB account.

Rest of the methods i didn't use or try.

I always receive my bills by SMS for the concerned parties.



Well, I have around three permanent monthly bills to pay; electricity, internet, and car installment. I pay all of them via alrajhi bank app. I don't remember getting penalty for delayed payment.

Paying the bill in KSA is like paying in UK, USA Australia or Canada

Just add it into your bank account. Whenever new bill like Mobile or electricity is issu, it is appeared on your bank and with single click you will pay it
No penalty over delayed payment until today

Only one problem that electricity bill is issued for random days means not fixed for 30 days billing. It may be for 39 days or even 20 days so only this practice is not good

all banks offer mobile apps as well as online services. once you register all your payments with the website ie electric, mobile, internet, drivers license and even iqama, the website shows you the amount due and when is it due for where you can tick and pay your bills directly from your chosen bank account. it's a breeze ;-)

Bills I pay  first the rent Bill,Electricity Bill,Internet Bill
with the water services and maintenance included in the rent bill

it is not a common practice but some have it 

All utility Bills is paid on line only the rent is paid directly to the office or the land lord

The most convenient  and reliable way  is online payment 

The utility Bills  is monthly dues but it can be combined for 2 bills there is a flexibility or a maximum level of due where the service may be stopped if payment not received

this is my experience some may be different

I don’t pay any bills so have no idea but internet banking is good for bill payments.

Usually  we are paying bill thorugh online banking .Depends upon conratct with owner some places bill are incuded in rent and someplaces it is not included.

The people used to pay the bill by cash in common and by card also,

Most people have cash only so they prefer toward the cash.

The card payment will be done in case of ticket booking or for some other places where it demands.

For expats, no tax imposition so no harsh rule to pay by card for the government record.


Thru SADAD (online banking)

Hi Priscilla,

I pay my dues using SADAD payments. This includes the following;
1. My monthly internet bills.
2. My car monthly payment.
3. Other government payments.


Paying bills of various types is an easy task after integration of SADAD channel with online banking system. This facility could be reached at almost all ATM's and through your online bank account.

A dedicated reference number against which a SADAD payment is made, is usually available at every bill. In case if the number is not available you can reach the call center of relevant organization and ask for their SADAD reference number.

You can pay your electricity, water, credit cards, government dues, traffic tickets. mobile bills and travel tickets through SADAD and credit/ debit card.

I hope it benefits you in day to day chores.

Best Regards

I definitely agree with you.

bills are not included in rental contract. you need to pay them on your own.
1. electricity - depends upon your usage.
2. phone : SAR200 per month, phone with unlimited internet
3. water. very cheap. around SR300 per year.

bills can be paid online using most easy and reliable. online banking, or through ATM card.
incase if you dont have account, then you will have to personally goto the branches and pay.

I pay bills using NCB online banking portal.

online bill in message emailtext message

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