Paying bills in the Philippines

Hello everyone,

What bills do you pay? If you are renting, are bills included in the price of rent, and is this common practice in the Philippines?

How can you pay your bills (e.g. online, at provider's store, at the post office)? Which is the most convenient or reliable way?

With what frequency are different bills sent in the Philippines? Are there different deadlines for payment?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


hi Priscilla

i usually pay the electricity, the rent, wifi, tv cable and postpaid bills. and nope, it's not included on the price of rent.

i usually pay it in bayad center, like in SM or robinsons department store, sometimes in seven eleven, sometimes i pay it online through mbanking but unfortunately, thanks to the bank system in the Philippines, not all bills you can pay online.

all of them have different deadline but it's still within end of month and the 1st week of the following month.

hope this would help :)

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Bill water , electric , rental & Internet. if i rent in Philippine  , normally the maintenance fee will include in  the bill rental only. water, electric , internet will not include in the rental bill, this is common practice in Philippine.

7-11 will be most convenient in Philippine.

normally the bill will come on the first week of each monthly. yes, there are deadline date and punishment fee will be listed on the bill.

The only bill I pay here in the Philippines is my rent.   All the utilities are included in the rent payment.   To pay the rent, I use a world wide 3rd party  money transfer system called World Remit.  I move money from my home country bank through World Remit directly to the BDO bank account of my Landlord.  There is a small fee for this, but a good history is kept of transactions and an email is also sent both to me and the Landlord when the transfer is complete.  I have never had a problem with this service.   There are other ways for sure to transfer money, but this service works best for me for record keeping.
My home on-line bank will also do direct  transfers  to most Philippine banks as well which I use to add funds to my PHP bank.  At one time I also used World Remit to load my PHP cell phones, but now I use    It will cost you a small fee to deposit funds with , but when you load your phone with 300 pesos for example, you will receive a 30 pesos credit!.   Loading a phone this way is painless and instantaneous!
For all other payments, I use cash in pesos or my bank credit card. 
All my banking is done on-line and so far,  I have no other bills to pay here in the Philippines.

My rent I pay by Worldremit direct to my landlord's bank account. As stated elsewhere there are good online records of the payment and both I and the landlord are notified when the payment goes in. The condo dues I pay with cash as the admin office is just on the ground floor. The water bill is paid to them at the same time. Sky Cable and PLDT internet bills I pay direct from my bank (BDO) using the phone app. The only awkward one is power which does not come monthly and I pay it via Cebuana when I happen to be passing. All the monthly bills fall due on different days but around the start of the month, so I just spend an hour paying them all at the beginning of the month. Yes there are penalties for late payment on all of them but I don't know what they are as I just have an hour at or near the 1st of each month when all get paid on time

In pangansian I pay rent in cash to landlord.. electric payed to Cenpelco in cash  (waste of half my day) or if I bribe the gard it's quicker
Water to water station  (if they read my texts)
Again in cash if they turn up
Internet I get 2.. 500peso loads in town dogeing the beggers to hopefully connect to my GLOBE POCKET Wi-Fi..again in cash
Food and other things needed I do a CSI again in town..dogeing more beggers and trike driver's...all in all it's a pain in the ass but that's life
Look forward to the day phillipines gets to the year 2017 so I can pay online...depending if I can connect to the internet
O well back to cooking my adobo with the smell of my neighbors BURNING rubbish perfuming my air
O wait.!!!!..could it be the karaoke Again wonderful 😂😂
Mite just turn up my radio to listen to jingles for every cleaning product...or that funny continual fake laugh...bathroom joy joy bathroom joy ...🤔

Bills of rent: ask if 12 % vat is included.  Electricity and water not included.  Difference between electricity with one division (like house)  or subdivision (like apartment).  Renting with real estate agency: 2 months warranty + 1 moth rent in advance.  Take time to read contract.  If guard,  ask also price (we pay 300 pesos a month).  Mostly price KW/h traceable on internet.  Prices of electricity can be different depending on season.  So,  I hope this info helps u and if u need to know more.  We are at ur service.  Best regards.

My bills are not included in my rent.  I can pay most my bills (PLDT, smart, internet, cable and electric)
at 7-11, SM or Robinsons and the bank.  They all have different dates they are due.

Hello Precilla.
I pay the rent of the direct on to the landlord. The electric and waterbill, i payed cash by western Union and S.M store. I have mobile wi-fi. And load up every month.

Paying bills is easy because I have few bills

1. c cards paid in full each month automatically
2. rent, water and electricity paid in person to land lord.

Hi Precilla.

Paying Bills here can be a bit of a Bind. Some. (Not many) can be payed through Internet Banking. But only if the Bank recognises the Biller.
Utilities are the biggest problem. They don't seem to have left the 20th (Or the 19th) Century. The Electric Company. (In our case Boheco) Only seem to accept Cash Payment, at there Office, or Mobile Office.
They deliver the Bills. If at all. By hand. We have a Mailbox, but they usually just stick it in the Fence,
where it is usually washed away by Rain. The same applies to Water Bills which come from the Local Authority. In both cases no form of Bank Transfer Payment is possible.

I suppose this is all part of the fun living here. To live in a Country with a reliable Postal System or an efficient Banking, and Credit organisation, must be pretty boring.

Its a great deal different than in the USA.   You go to the specific office or to a Bayad Center.  Do not send it by mail and I have not seen any bills paid online.   You need to  walk physically into the Water Department, for example, and march right up to the window and give them the cssh along with your bill.

I pay every bill that I can through bill pay at my bank. The major problem is that the page electric company and the large mortgage company still require that u pay in cash at their designated place. The banks are very quick to charge penalties for many things. For instance I can pay my credit card (peso part)not dollar part on line. That's right there is two parts to the credit card a peso and a dollar. One has to go in to the bank and pay the dollar amount personally. Paying bills
In the Philippines is a lot
Of trouble and a big waste of time.
James lStockstill

Cash too many bank charges here and in Australia for foreign currency exchange.

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