Resignation Saudi Arabia

Hi Folks,

Quick question. I have a one year contract that will end this month. My employer will continue on with the current terms however I am probably going to resign and move on. The terms are 60 days prior to final date.

I understand I will need to give this notice period in writing however HR have mentioned the following - In instances where the employee resigns, the employer does not need to pay the notice period and can choose to cancel immediately. Is this true?

Typically back home if you resign one of 2 things happens - You work and get paid for the notice period or you are put on "garden leave" and still get paid the notice period.

Thank you

For sure, you will get for this 2 months notice period amount. But in case if you don't work, obviously you will not get.

Hello. So to confirm, if I hand in my notice and my employer decides to remove me immediately from the post then no payment is due. If the employer decides to keep me in the post for the two months, then salary is paid.

Yes exactly.

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