Job opportunity for expats in KL

Hello everyone,

i am looking for job in power sector. i shifted to Malaysia recently. i have 12+ years of experience in power industry and worked as Team Leader. Due to some personal reason i resigned from my previous job and shifted to Malaysia. i posted my resume to lot of recruiters and job sites but i have yet not received any positive call. Is working opportunity not so good for expats?

Can anyone give their opinion  on this so that i can target at right place.


Most employers are quite reluctant to sponsor overseas workers for a number of reasons unless applicants are in demand or highly skilled. Up until recently a number of employers were taking foreign staff on but on a casual basis (illegal). However with the recent immigration crackdown most employers have stopped this practice to avoid trouble with the immigration authorities. It's highly unadvisable to come to Malaysia with the hope of finding employment once here, it's better to secure employment with a company that will sponsor your visa from overseas.

What do you mean by power sector? There are lots of jobs that are prohibited to be done by foreigners

I assume you mean the electrical power industry, if that is the case you're probably not find any work as a nonMalysian. Lots of fresh graduates from local university looking for work. Even with years of experence you won't find too many offers given the number of unemployed locals.

The only work I know where Indians may find work is in the High Tension field. Otherwise agree with iskandarhack - there will not be any work.

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