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I am a Pakistani businessman having my main office and factory at Karachi Pakistan and branches at Ivory Coast and Ghana (west africa) and I am in Plastic recycling business.

As a non EU country we always have to apply for visas of many european countries so I had a plan to get  residence permit in Poland and do my business from there for which I need advice and info


Hi Waheedintl,

Feel free to read the Setting up a business in Poland article and to get in touch with the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, the link is at the bottom of the article, thay might guide you.

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Just to add on it, you are also able to open your own business via internet:

It is a bit cheaper and if aplication is correctly completed, registration happen within 72 hrs. However for internet aplication you need to get a confirmed profile in government website (it may be done online i.e. via internet platforms of Polish banks).

Regarding residence permit because of the business, procedure for now takes quite long  for all types of residence permits, From my recent exerience  it is up to 6 months even. It would be required to provide proofs  that company has sufficient income or present solid business plan which shows that company may be profitable in the future.
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Thanks for your kind and valueable info

Thanks for your kind info

If you want to start business in Poland, then the best decision will be to choose some big city. Poland is widely known among tourists. Thus, tourist business might be a good idea. In my opinion you should focus on that. You won't be dissapointed.

Thanks for suggestion

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