Moving to Halong Bay, looking for teacher

I will be moving soon to live and work in Halong Bay, Vietnam.
After checking with the newly open Singapore International school, is most unfortunate that the international classes are not open yet due to lack No of foreign student. However the school have agreed to enroll my daughter for most of the classes which are taught in English, but I have to find a certified teacher to teach Math and Science, possibly with Cambridge  Curriculum education system.
My daughter is 10 years old currently grade 5 and about to progress to grade 6.
I am planning to move to Halong in December and my wife and Daughter will Join me in January 2018.
Can anyone help?
Thank you.

Hi Sylvain,

You can also post an ad in the Vietnam classifieds section.


We are possibly moving to Halong, can you maybe tell me more about the school?
How’s the teaching level, are there more foreign children?

All the information I can find is not quite positive, I hope you can tell me more

How’s expat life in Halong with kids?

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