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Hi everyone,
I am currently in Bali for 2 weeks.  I was coming to find a home but have recently been advised I cannot bring my dog with me.  This makes my move to Bali impossible as he is my constant and only companion.
Is it possible to bring in my fully vaccinated and healthy pet?
Unfortunately if its not I need to look elsewhere for my retirement home.
As I said im here for 2 weeks so I would appreciate an answer as soon as possible before going home and having to change my destination.
Thanks in advance

Yes I am pretty sure it is but it won't be easy. As long as the pet has all the vaccinations and certificates it can be done but there are enough dogs in Bali and in placed Rabies is a concern so that could be why you have heard no.
I would suggest if you are in Bali now then you ask around and look in local expat newspapers and letters for more information.

Thanks for your reply.
Yes you are right there are enough dogs in Bali.  I actually feed the beach dogs when Im here and wish I could rescue them all and that was a part of my long term plan here in Bali.
  But as far as being a dog goes Im not sure my boy Bubba Gump could truely be called a real dog hahaha.
  Defintely a one person fur baby.

You need to obtain an Import permit from the Ministry of Agriculture (I think??) for any pet entering Indonesia. My friend obtained one several years ago for his two pets from Australia from memory passport and copy of passport, copy of valid health certificate from the vet in Australia plus translation  and the copy of pet's vaccination book plus translation Pets from non-rabies free countries are not allowed, as with many countries rabies is found in bats but not land animals, I'm sure he also got something from Australia explaining this plus a translation (authorised translations) I can't comment on how long the process took he organised most of it in Australia

I also have a feeling his translations got rejected as completed in Australia and had to be re-done within Indonesia but that may be a totally different topic that I'm thinking about??

Thank you for your reply to my post,
Ive been told this total ban on pets into Bali is just recent, maybe the last 12  months.  I was advised in Australia the ban was  total and nothing could be done from that end.
Today I went to visit a local vet here in Bali and she advised it may be possible with the use of a PET TAXI from Jakarta......
This looks slightly promising but if anyone is a pet lover they may understand my trepidation, and the worry that this could be done by an animal lover and not someone who could be cruel to my dog.  Hes like a child to me and the idea of him suffering AT ALL is unthinkable. 
So all I need to know now is has anyone used this PET TAXI from Jakarta.  I am not worried about cost, just my boys welfare.
Thanks for your help.

Hi Jo
Did you have any further clarification yet? We are also wanting to move to Bali early 2018 for a year from Brisbane and can't seem to find any official pages stating the current rules.  It seems if the borders to Bali really are closed to ALL pets,  the pet taxi option is really an illegal pet smuggling service?  We are trying to contact the minister for agriculture direct to see if being from an approved Rabie free area there is a legal way in. Would appreciated any further info you may have come across.

Hi Tam,
The borders are definitely closed to all dogs.  But there is a company in Canggu called Seven Heaven.   The ladys name is Mikha and she may be able to help you.  I am using her service in February.  Its not cheap but if you want  your fur baby with you she may not be the only option but I believe she is the SAFEST..  I am trusting her with my boy  Bubba and I have met her, and she is the real deal.  There are many PET TAXIS in Bali but I wouldnt trust many of them.  Go to the seven heaven facebook page and see what this lovely woman does for so many people and especially the Bali Dogs.
May I add though if your only going for a year it is a very expensive exercise.  It costs even MORE to bring your pet home again.....Getting dogs out is harder than getting them in.  Ive decided to stay in Bali indefinitely just for this reason..GOOD LUCK..

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