Craft Beer,IPA,real Ale

Anyone know of a bar selling IPA,Real Ale or what is called here Craft Beer on draught near Bui Vien and the backpackers area?
I have been along on the past to Game On which sells the abovei but its close to Nguyen Hue (Walking Street) and it's a long walk home afterwards as I live in District 8........I know I can get a taxi but if I have had to many then I can,t speak English so even less likely to be able to communicate in Vietnamese!!!!
If there is someone of the older generation who wishes join me for a pint then please let me know.

Yup!. I live in Go Vap but my lovely Vietnamese wife works as the chief accountant for EastWest Brewing Co. out in D1. They have Stouts, Porters, Ale's, Pal, Ale's, and many others.

You can find them on Facebook here: … wing%20co.

Tell them Thuy's husband, Dan sent you. No promises but they might give a discount or something. Anyway, their beer is grrrrreat! - better than Kellogg's Corn Flakes (but don't tell Tony I said so, ha ha).

Theres a real ale place on Pasteur street, I was in there a couple of weeks ago. Decent beer - 155 Pasteur st. Q1

I live in dist Q8 too and the nearest real ale gaff to me is the one in Thao Dien. Just google Thao Dien real ale - I'd give you the address but for some reason my laptop wont do cut and paste tonight.

There's one on Bui Vien.
Ong Cao, Craft Beer.
240 Bui Vien st.

There are infact quite a few Craft Beer places on Pasteur and Ly Tu Trong streets in D1.
Craft Beer in Saigon

The one I went to recently with an old friend visiting from Hanoi was Heart of Darkness . Bit pricey but good beer and good food. I'm not a beer connoisseur, can't vouch for the taste. They do have wide selection of Ales on draught.

Heart Of Darkness Craft Brewery
Add: 31D Lý Tự Trọng st. D1.

Thanks for the info everyone

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