Cat boarding or kennel???

Hi all, I am going away soon for a couple of weeks and my lovely cat needs to be cared for while I am away. Can anyone suggest a GOOD boarding home or kennel for cats that will take good care of him?
I am in HCMC, Dist. 7

Thanks in advance.

Hi there

I'm Lucy. I don't know of a boarding kennel but I'm a cat owner (I have 3 beautiful cats) and may be able to look after your cat while you're away in my happy home.

I'm Australian and live in District 1.

Let me know if you're interested.


Hi Lucy, thank you very much for the kind offer but I have organised things now.

Appreciated, P.

There are restaurants that will take them in.  Just look for the ones with the cat on the awning signage.  They will take GOOD care of him.   :joking:

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