What was the best food you ever eat?

Sometimes i prefer fastfoods and burgers though we have lots of delicious foods like kabab in my country but i will be happy if i know which foods you like more

the list can go and on and on when talking about favorite foods. :D

i loveeeee beef rendang, bakso, sate ayam, sate padang, nasi padang, gado gado, bubur ayam and different kind of sambal from indonesia. i also like pares, kwek kwek, inasal, bulalo, sisig from Philippines.

For burgers, check out Fuel Shack! Their lamb burgers are just to die for!

Thanks amanda.o
But i cant stand chinees food or something like that

Thanks @rahul i will check it out

Rezabahmanii :

Thanks amanda.o
But i cant stand chinees food or something like that

those are not chinese food though.. you should try it sometimes if you visit indonesia.. bali, perhaps? :D

If i had a trip to indonesia i will try them,i love beef and burgers,in fact i'm meet lover,which of these have meet?

Rezabahmanii :

If i had a trip to indonesia i will try them,i love beef and burgers,in fact i'm meet lover,which of these have meet?

all of them but bubur ayam (chicken porridge) and gado-gado (it's just a mixture of vegetables with peanut sauce)

For me there are two
slow smoked fall off the bone BBQ ribs
Sancocho a 5 meat soup/stew here in the Dominican REpublic

Bob K

For me, there is not ONE best food:
I love the sheer variety of dishes given to us by the creativity of mankind (and nature).
Without the possibility to try something new every day (preferably from a different country or culture), my life would be poorer.

I go along with beppi.
In my travels I have come across many dishes that I would consider to be the best I have tasted in that country. But not one of them jumps out at me as being the best ever. Depends on how hungry you are at the time too. If hungry enough the most modest of dishes can be heavenly to eat.
I look on it all as a culinary adventure.

Chinese food

Moroccan Tagine!

Vietnamese Food

Omani meat ( beef, lamb, camel) Kabuki rice, spring rolls, soup.

My favorites are Thai and Mexican, I love spicy peppers.


turkish food

I don't really have a favourite food, but what came to my mind almost immediately was the Austrian-Chinese-Mauritian-mash-up my boyfriend created some weeks ago.
It was Austrian minced meat balls (Hascheeknödel, anyone?^^), which are normally eaten with cabbage. However he made a chinese style beef soup with spring onions and mushrooms.
Talk about mixing cultures together :D

Hey, I just want to butt in and say You never know how it would taste if you haven't tried it.

I got my favorite place around the globe (locations I have been to).

I don't love chair restaurants that recreate the same recipe
I like something unique that tastes good and real

Like Salt & Stake, steak house at Edmonds, WA but I love the seafood chowder, there so creamy and different from any seafood that is sold in other places.

Tried egg benedict at burger joint in Hawaii. just walked in for breakfast before flight.
Didn't want the burger because it didn't have that that much uniqueness from other joints so tried something different and oh man loved how they made their egg benedict.

Mongolian, horhog, is also good, looks plain and so is the way it is cooked but the end result always gets to me.

romaniac :

My favorites are Thai and Mexican, I love spicy peppers.

try indonesian foods sometime if there is any indonesian restaurant nearby. our foods are spicy too :)

arabian dates with dry fruits

I love stir fry noodle(Chinese),dynamite shrimp,chicken kebab,Sushi and Japanese cake and Caesar salad:)

in Tanzania we have rice with beans n ugali,  That's actually a type of food that many Tanzanians eat everyday, tell me about Vietnam

Seafood paella at a seafood restaurant chosen by my sister and her friends in Tampa, Florida.


Also... smoked salmon (lox) on bagels with cream cheese at Bill Smith's condo in Miami Beach, Florida.

Bill was a business owner in the iconic Fulton Fish Market in New York and knew how to get the world's best lox sent from the Big Apple to his place in Florida.

One night he invited members of my family and other friends of his .. to his condo to share the 'wealth'.

Like my grandparents, his contemporaries, Bill was a snowbird who lived in Town of Cortlandt, New York, most of the year .. wintering in Miami Beach.


I love ugali n rice with beans, They are actually Tanzanian food

tel me about Indonesian food, my friend went to Indonesia n he actually told a bit about the food, could you plz tel me more

how is Italian foods, are they so delicious

Aside from spaghetti i also like Adobo and Sinigang.

Mums home cooking

I love fresh innovative flavor and presentation.  My favorite place these days is a new restaurant in Chiang Rai.  It is basically a Chef’s Table where you sit and watch the chef prepare each of ten courses right in front of you.  He changes the menu on a monthly basis, and other than for allergies, you eat what he prepares without adaptation.  I love being surprised and educated about what inspired the creation of a particular dish and where he sourced the local ingredients.  I can’t remember the last time I ate at a modern fast-food outlet.

Personally , i enjoy eating fast food like pizza and crêpe  yumm ❤❤ i can pass the whole day eating them

Man let's try something new , delicious and healthy , a real new cuisine just arrived at Cairo Road 9 Maadi a few days ago the place is called Ho CHi Vietnamese healthy food restaurant , they serve there Vietnamese cuisine restaurant's facebook page
i tried it and it was really delicious at reasonable prices  , i liked the pho very much
i like discovery .

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