Looking for manufacturer/supplier for silk and a translator

Hello- If anyone has any leads on where to find a silk manufacturer who can also make household items (pillows etc) that would be great- I will also need a translator if anyone can rec. someone they have used?

Thanks so much!

Sorry, can't help - but I've been buying 100% silk shirts and pants (Tommy Bahama from the U.S.). Local made silk clothes would be of interest to me. can you source those here?

Silk worms are bred in China and India, aren't they?

I just found  dry cleaners in Thanh Hoa City.


hs0zfe :

I just found  dry cleaners in Thanh Hoa City.

The best thing for silk is NOT dry cleaning -- I'm speaking from decades of experience dealing with silk fiber as a knitter, and also as someone who is allergic to synthetic fabrics so can only wear silk, pure cotton, and linen in summer, and other natural fibers in winter.

I wash silk by hand (it only takes minutes), using no-rinse delicate detergents such as Eucalan, Soak, Kookaburra, and when in a pinch, Johnson's Baby Shampoo.  I have owned many mulberry silk garments that are as fine as cobwebs and have lasted me for almost two decades so far, only because they've never seen the inside of a dry cleaner.

Never, ever, use Tide (even if it says "gentle" on the label), please.  I cringed every time I heard someone saying they used Tide for their fine fabrics.

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