Moving to Portugal?

Hello expat forum,

In late November my wife and I will be visiting Lisbon and sourroundings as our first adventure as possible new expats. Most of the 2 weeks will be in Lisbon with a 4 day side trip to Cascais.

We are really hoping to meet a few expats and share stories over a good espresso. I also have heard that US expat groups might have Thanksgiving dinners that we possibly could take part in.

Would enjoy hearing all the good and perhaps not about life in Portugal.



Why not check out the Faro area in Algarve while you are in Portugal? we are moving there.

I've heard it's beautiful and perhaps visit as a expat while living in the Lisbon area. I had the pleasure of living in a very touristy town in California and really don't want to revisit that. Also am perhaps more sensitive to higher heat.

Hi, please don't think that Algarve is all touristic. Lisbon is too..... in Algarve there are some touristic hubs and some areas are much less so. Yes, it gets hot in the summer and we will not be there during those months :-)
Best wishes to you!

Once we settle in fest assured we will want to discover all areas.


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