Interest in literature?? lets talk!!!

hey, i just moved to saigon. back home in Germany I studied German Literature und Culture. Anybody out there who is interested in that kind of stuff und wants to meet for coffee? I'd love to learn about your interests, reading recommendations and thoughts. regards, luke

Yes, as I am lazy to read literature in German, conversations with you would help much. I can also explain you about Vietnamese behaviour, culture and literature. Where do you live in Saigon?

I'm not specifically an expert on German literature, though I've read Hess, Mann, and Rilke, (Kafka too but I I dont think he counts as German) but I'm a fan of world literature in general and love to talk literature, so if you want to get together sometime in Ho Chi Minh and talk books and ideas, let me know.
You can check me on FB if you want.

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hi, i live in phu nuan district. i d realy like to learn about vietnamese culture. so if your interested, we could meet and drink coffee or sth? regards, lukas

Great! It's near me. When are you available?

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