My experience in Saudi

I have been living and working in Saudi for 15 years. It has been a challenging journey but most definitely a rewarding one. I met my (Arabic ) husband only 3 months after my first arrival in 2002, and we have 3 children  together. Life has not always been easy in Saudi.

If you ask me , I still have days where cultural shock gets to me!
Even though I have learned to speak arabic and have converted to Islam, I still have trouble in adjusting to certain habits and social behaviors which is so much different than my own culture.
You see, I am a South African.  Back at home in SA, you find  many different nationalities , cultures and religion.  Making up the rainbow nation they are.  But  still I seem to  have difficulty in adapting to certain expectations, norms and habits which forms part of " SAUDI -  DNA . "

One thing is for sure, The arabs and Saudi people have taught  me something magnificent.  Something that I wish was part of our norms and values back home.........The importance of family.
Family life comes first. Every opportunity is spend with family and social gatherings are all about discussing one's life , challenges , problems and gathering some advice from elders (grandma and grand pa).

I hope to life in Saudi for many many more years to come and will gladly give up my nationality as South African to be a Saudi national.


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