Switching of Visa type to a marriage Visa

Hello all! :D

I am new to this website, but I have a question I was hoping someone could help me with. I am a US citizen I am currently living here in Bulgaria with my student. Before I arrived with my student visa I have been visiting my boyfriend (now fiancé) for the past four years three months at a time. We are very recently happily engaged :) but we are not sure how to move forward from here....especially considering that I have a student visa. Is it possible to switch my type of visa to a marriage visa seeing that I am already in the country and have permission to be here....or will I need to go back home? What other steps do we need to take? What documents do we need? What is the process like? Can anyone give any advice or information? :D

Thank you for your time and support :)

I would ask these questions at your obshtina immigration office. I know when my friend was here on a Peace Corps visa and decided to stay and work with a different company, she had some issues getting a new visa in-country. But in the end, they allowed it because of their rule that you can apply for a visa where ever you have residence. It was just a lot of round about yes/no kinda stuff.

Since you would be using your same passport (whereas she would have to get a different passport) then perhaps you can simply extend residency based on your new status without applying for a new visa.

For example- with me, I was supposed to get permanent residence after five years of being here, through marriage. I had a son the second year I was here, and I was able to get permanent residence 3 years after my date of entry (which is what it is for parents) without changing my visa.

So yeah, sorry if that is not helpful, but I would definitely ask at your immigration office. Every office except the Varna one has always been quite helpful to me (and even sometimes in the varna one).

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