Living in Maldives.

My husband and I have lived in Zambia Malawi Botswana South Africa Seychelles. Visited UK New Zealand Mauritius  and Cyprus. Of all these, Malawi was the friendliest. Maldives is a tourist place for all sea sports. Very very hot. Male and Hulamale,  you get a lot of frowns and strange looks if you are not covered respectably. I cover my shoulders and wear long cool dresses. A hat and sunglasses very necessary and never go anywhere without enough water! Ask the hotels to freeze it the night before. Maafushi is a very nice island. Much smaller and there is a lovely tourist shop that sells stunning coral jewellery ( unique but expensive) and clothes ( $12 - 30 ) Eat at buffets,  as the food portions are very very small. Drink coconuts to hydrate !

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