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I was just wondering if anyone knew of any hospitals or clinics that would write up a sick leave note for 2-3 days. As per my job requirement, I am supposed to have a sick leave not from a doctor when am sick and absent from work but a lot of people have work have been telling me most doctors ONLY give sick leave notes for 1 day. So just wondering if anyone knew of any specific doctors, clinics or hospitals where I can get a sick leave note for 2-3 days ???


Do you want sick leave based on your need or based on your condition ? As an adult docs only provide it for a day if just a flu, a week if it's very bad.

In severe cases you can end up getting or weeks too, just break a leg or something and you're good to go.

Please mention your city in which you are living so that it would be easier for people to suggest !

I live in Khobar...Eastern Province...but work in Dammam

I am pretty ill and may have the flu (not sure) but I definitely need few days off work but I know almost all doctors only give medical leave for one day and/or you have to go back to the clinic or hospital for every single other day you are additionally sick or off form work which makes absolutely no sense if am supposed to be sick and resting to feel only want to go once, get the sick note documentation that allows me to be giving minimum 2 if not 3 days I don't get in trouble at work or have my wages deducted

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How exactly do I do that?

At the top of this page there is an option "Saudi Arabia" click on it you will find a drop down list of Different cities of saudi arabia go to your prefered city and post your thread there also.

Never mind...figured it all out...cheers for the feedback :)

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