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Hi we are Richard and Wendy from Cornwall England.  After a 2 week holiday  we fell in love with flix and decided we wanted to move there.  We would be renting out my home in cornwall and needing to have 2 properties  in flix , one for renting and one for living in . We are right at the start of search and would be grateful for any advice or pitfalls with our project  . Thanks in advance  for your reply

Hi Richard we have recently bought a property just outside Flux,we started the buying process around January and completed February ,No problems at all ,and minimal expence think total legal fees we're about 1200€ plus all the Spanish taxes and fees,we bought the property never having been inside..only viewed from outside ,bought an old touring caravan and went over in July ..very pleasant surprise when we went inside for the first time..just like a holiday cottage fully equipped and clean but very dated..I intend to move a few walls and remodel completely but did not use the caravan at all me the wife and two girls(14 & 16) had two great weeks.
I have now bought a big van and trailer and am getting "stuff" together for the rebuild..a full solar system,new French doors a log burner ,bottled gas oven and hob ,and lots more including a small digger and old dumper..I am going to go over probably after Xmas for a month or so and make a start ,with the intention of moving over permanently in around 18 months time.
Beware of estate agents,I can guess who you are looking at ,if you want an honest aprasial ....if you can private message me on here.
All the best with your search.

With rural property you need to be careful with what you are looking at and what your are being told.  Be aware you will be restricted with what you can build by existing footprints of any building/structure on the property.  Estate agents tend to bend this restriction in conversations etc, along with many people who do not abide by it either  - but expanding beyond the footprint would be at owners risk and some people have had to tear it down.  So just be sure to take the precautionary legal steps, have a survey done to document exactly what is built and move forward with legal, documented information and not on conversations with estate agents.

Also realize the rural properties will not be granted a Certificado de Habitabilidad which makes it recognized as a residence to the local municipality (you can still reside in a property without one).  This certificate is required to connect to public electricity and water etc.  This is the reason most rural properties have cisterns and solar systems.  I bring this up again to keep you informed of what you will find as you start your search.

Good luck!

Thanks  . I think estate agents are the same the world over.  Your project sounds exciting and I wish you all the luck . It will be nice to put your own stamp on a beautiful part of the world . My dream is an orchard of different fruit to eat and pickle . Keep in touch when your out there, if you need anything i will see if I have found a man who can or maybe you will  recipricate me. Have a great time in your project . Rich

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