Are Rental condos and apartments really that affordable?

Good day,
Icelandic expat currently living/working in U.S., one year away from retirement.  I am well overdue on returning my beautiful wife of 35 years, originally from Cebu, to her home.  We have to compromise because I cannot handle the heat and humidity of Cebu, so Baguio is the logical choice.  My concern is that every website I go to has nice, long-term condos and apartments for P20K-P25K per month!  It seems so illogical...Is this really accurate?  Would much appreciate info from expat currently living in Baguio and rental realty website recommendations if possible.
Respectfully, Karl

Hello Karl

Could you elaborate on this ?

condos and apartments for P20K-P25K per month!  It seems so illogical...Is this really accurate?

Baguio is the only logical choice? I lived there for a year. Cool but boring. Tagatay might be a better option closer to Manila.

Especially in your situation, Tagatay should be a better option.  Occasionally, you will want to easily travel to the airport for some short trips to Cebu?

Sorry and thanks for the reply.

I had been told that Baguio was expensive and upon searching for condo/apartment online was surprised that nice options were available for P20K-P25K per month, long-term rental.

Thanks and have a great day!

What will you guys say is the cost of living in Tagatay compare to lets say, Angeles City or Taguig?

Why would anybody want to live in Angeles City????

I think if we were to use an example of a clean furnished 1 bedroom  apartment with a view, kitchen area, no cockroaches, and equipped with elevators that generally work, then Tagatay is probably more costly.   Angeles would be the least expensive, and there is also unique entertainment in Angeles.
However, I agree with  FortuneFavorsTheBold's comment.

Went to Angeles a week ago for business. It is a complete disaster zone from when I lived there a year ago. Even the "entertainment" area of walking street is like a ghost town.

How about Taguig?  Someone told me that it was a nice place to leave and inexpensive, any truth to that?

Very hard to say which community might be a better place to live or leave.   What is one man's heaven to live could be another man's joy to leave !   It really depends on an individual's budget and choice of a lifestyle. 
Regarding  the great city of Angeles now looking more like a ghost town....   
      Is this due in part to the recently imposed   'No Smoking'  in the bars?

I think it's more because of the recently imposed "No hookers in bars" policy.  hehehe

I'm not sure about looking like a ghost town, I just got back from there this Tuesday after spending about 5 days there and did not look like a ghost town to me.  There were nights that were slower than other but, there was always something going on with a decent crowd.

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