Hi Fellow Expats here in Manila.

I have lived here 3.5 years and by and large enjoying my stay. Living expenses is high if you live totally like an expat and wine and dine only in expats and high end joints. For me its cost of living is higher then Malaysia but slightly lower then Singapore.

I have had my final stint after 35 years working for a multi-national company as the President and CEO. I am now a Senior Retired Resident living and doing a business in Manila. And I live in BGC. What I do can be considered a combination of a business for my livelihood and giving back to the community here in Philippines.

I help to bring capital and technology into Philippines plus bring what is in abundance here to export to ASEAN primarily. I help young Filipinos and residence to be entrepreneur and business savvy . In the course we share the profits instead of paying them a salary.

I am focusing on 3 areas of giving back to the society.1) giving coaching and consultancy on business acumen. 2) I help Philippines to grow inbound tourism to reach par at least with the rest of ASEAN big economies. 3) My final passion is to help reduce or of possible to eliminate all together street kids below 6 years old who beg or sell pittance for a living and risking they young lives.

Please contact me should you like to know me further, or if you wish to know what I do better or if you like to help me in my social causes.
Lim Kok Hin

What exactly are you proposing?

I'm interested.

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