New guy here from Dubai!

Hello Hello!

I'm the Middle East COO of The SYNERGY Events, we do special high end events in Boston and NYC and recently in Paris, London and Middle east.

This is our background: Our facebook fanpage:  :)

Currently we are working on an app called Pulse 24/7, which simplifies booking all sorts of appts including those for Coaches, Advisors, Tutors, DJs, Entertainers, HMUA, Healthcare Professionals, House Cleaners and Cooks, Legal Professionals, Massage Therapists, Photographers, Real Estate Professionals and go on. We launched the app in US for now and it is doing good so far. Middle east side coming soon :) Go on take a look!

i'm an engineer by day and a dj/event planner by night. i love music and absolutely love meeting passionate and career motivated individuals who strive in their lives and move for things which are better and better because that makes me want to try harder in life. ;)

i'm Born and raised in UAE, left a while back and lived in US for 10 years, then came back to the middle east to work on my events. :)

I dj on the side as a hobby. Music has always been my passion so it helps me get away from the daily BS in life :)
i spin mostly, hip hop, house, top 40, reggaeton, dancehall, international, arabic, and bhangra. i have djed fashion show, bdays, weddings of different traditions and cultures, graduation parties and so forth,

Just moved to Jeddah and looking to network.  So hows the scene here and where do i find out the expat events  here? :)

That’s really interesting, u should meet dj Mustafa and Hani.

And welcome to Jeddah djFarahan

welcome in jeddah

thanks man! looking forward to it! u guys have any events coming up?

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