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Hello guys,

This Friday I have an appointment with ind for submitting my application for the process of verification against eu law, my queries is ind send me a form to me and my girlfriend separately with different time. Is this the normal procedure? Will they could conduct an interview as well  Separately ?

Also do I need to submit them original unmarried certificate or just scan copy is enough.

Hoping to get some replies


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There will be a good chance that the interviews will not be on the same day.

Thank you simcity for ur response, but is it common practice to call us on separate time just to submit application?

My experience (and it wasn't an IND application interview), was when my wife and I needed to both see the IND, was that appointments were always for an individual, were for 20-minute blocks and the girl in reception would decide on how many blocks were required (I guess based on what you wanted).  We could have seen them the same day if we were prepared to accept one appointment in the morning and one in the afternoon; but if we wanted adjoining slots (so the same time), we would have to wait a couple of weeks.  We opted for the split slots on the same day we asked.

They didn't object when I sat in with my wife and vice-versa, but I guess those circumstances may be different depending on the individual's situation.

Also, to add, it was a long time ago.

Hi guys,
Thank you for the response,  this forum is really active and helpful,  I have submitted my application on ind desk and payed the fee on same day, so I had an impression that they were suppose to send me bill and also confirmation of receiving the application, am I wrong ? If I am right then until when they need to send it?  The lady on ind desk told me that they gonna send me letter but I am confused now, did she meant the decision letter or the letter of confirmation of application first.  Does any one know about it?


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