Nice to see you here

Hello there

Just arrived some few days ago to Dubai moving from Canada , planning to stay for some few years for business tasks. I just  Joined to know better about expats life in Dubai and to make some friends

Have a good day y all

Hello! Welcome to Dubai city we are so glad you decided to come here to Dubai and we hope you have a nice time and achieve your aims and business tasks successfully 😊 I also would love to be your friend if you don’t mind but I don’t think you want to be my friend

not at all dear its my pleasure but you are 14 and I am 52 so that will make you rather my little son as my older son is 25

I was kidding though don’t pay attention for what I say but seriously you are even older than my dad but for me personally I don’t really mind ages I can be everyone’s friend no matter how old he is but most people mind it they don’t like to be someone younger or older than them friend however you are absolutely right I don’t think we can be friends since you don’t want :)

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