Good Place to Stay in Brickfields

Hi Everyone,

I'll be moving to KL in 3 weeks and need to find an apartment/condo to stay. I've chosen Brickfields as a location as I understand there is a good chunk of Indian Populations and both utilities and transportation are very close by. My Kid is 3 yrs old - so schooling is not an issue for now - only nursery education. Which condo would you recommend ? I'm in KL and would like to finalize something by this weekend or next before my family moves in.


I only know Suasana Sentral and Suasana Sentral Loft which are adjacent to Sentral Station and across the road from Brickfields. There is also Sentral Residences but that's not cheap at all. I think there are some condos right in the middle of Brickfields but have no information about them.

thanks. i'll explore

Hi Dvishn

Just dropped yo a pm.

James How - share information on the forum please - by all means if you don't wish to do so just drop a person a PM. DON'T however imply you have information which you are not sharing - PLAY NICELY on the forum.

All, thanks - i've found a place. There's options for all kinds of people in the same area!

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