Cost of living close to Kigamboni (Dar es salaam)

Dear all,

I have been asked to provide a minimum salary for a potential faculty position at UAUT in Kigamboni, Dar es salaam. I would prefer to live close to the university.

- What do Lecturers/Senior Lecturers/Professors earn there (or in Dar es salaam)?
- What would be your minimum salary request if you had family (wife and 4 kids)?
- Is the public school good/ok (to avoid school fees - kids are 9,8, 2 and 9 months)?
- What is the average insurance cost?
- What is the cost for a 3BR close to Kigamboni?
- Is it better to rent an apartment or a house?

Thanks a lot for any help/ information.

Try this site for cost of living etc  also check through the posts on the forum too.

I did and got a good sense of the cost of living in Dar es salaam. However I am planning on living in Kigamboni which is closer to the university (UAUT). I am hence not sure whether the data on numbeo are completely relevant for me.
Also I wonder whether there is any website to consult to see how much lecturers/professors earn in Tanzania?
Any information on lecturer's remuneration will be very valuable.
Finally, I am realizing that a number of expats prefer to let their children attend private schools, are public schools so bad?

Thanks a lot!

The cost of living in Kigamboni is cheaper comparing to other places in dar es salaam ,u may find difficulties in finding a house online, for so you need a proffesional and trustable broker,the price range between 200$-400$a  month depending on the location of the house

Thanks a lot for your reply.
Do you live there? I would like to confirm whether the food is so expensive there. I read online that a family of 4 might need 500$ to eat?
So if you could give me the size of your household and your monthly cost for

- utilities (gas, electricity, water, a/c)
- internet
- food
- private schools nearby (primary, if that applies to your family with names of the schools)

and any other costs you might find relevant for someone planning on moving there
will be great.


I have lived there before ,but now i live in a place called Kinondoni,about the food it depend if your family will be cooking at home or eating at restaurants,cooking at home is more cheaper because you can purchase foodstuffs in a wholesale price and store them, it may cost around 350$
-Internet- u can use  wifi or normal simcard internet ,the wifi cost around 35$ a month for 40GB
-Electricity  can cost you 100$ a month if you use AC,fridge,microwave, or washing mashine
And the gas may cost around 30$ depending on  how big the tank is
Transport-u can use public transport if you want to go to the city centre or any other place
The cost is 0.4$ for a ticket
About school i dont know much but   i recommend your kids to go to private school if they dont know SWAHILI

Thanks a lot.

The 350$ were for a family of? We will be mostly cooking at home. I need to know the size so I can scale.

Thanks a lot!

Family of 4

Thanks a lot for the info.

I think it is better to rent a house,


Does any of you know how much a house maid will cost roughly per month?

@Anah77: Did you have a car there? If yes then how much did you have to spend for car insurance and any cost I might not know of. 

Thank you.

Brov am just back in uk  4 weeks ago from  dar esalam  am living uk  cast kigamboni its not high to compare in city central dar esalam  kigamboni house its cast $300 or 400 l got  house my self in kigamboni  for rent 4bedroom house just under 450 jus 6 min driving to kigamboni ferry and 10min walking to beach

Hi Khalidyusuf

Thanks for the feedback. i have few questions
Were you there with family, if yes how big was the family?
How much did you pay for electricity?
How much did you pay for water?
Did you have a maid you could recommend?
How much did you pay for the maid?
How much did you roughly spend for food?
Did your children attend any international school you could recommend (if you have kids)? If yes how much did you have to pay for yearly school fees?

Thank you very much.


Hi thierry n yeah l have femily they live in mbezi about electricity we have top up meters just cost 5$ a week its realy cheaper my house in kigamboni we dont paying for water bcoz we have water pump machine dig underground next dar esalam food its realy cheap if you buying in local market  for femily 3 or 4 peoples  mybe you will spend 25 $

5$ per week. That is really cheap. Did you have A/C?
25$ per month for food seems also really cheap. Was that per month or week?

Yeah 25$ food a weekly

Sorry seyin agen? If l have a/c ? What do u mean?

or I meant if you had air conditioner at home?
Any information about good schools in the area?

Yeah if you have a conditional at home yes its cost more money to put on your miter about school its bater take your children on private school its lots good school in tanzania this days u can find out on websites tanzania best school

Thanks a lot for your info.

You welcome

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