How to get a job

Guys new in warsaw and also a student. How can I find as well as securely get jobs here in warsaw without polish language? Seriuosly needed all your advice and helps.thanks

Since you speak Hindu, i belive there should be opportunities for at least part time job. Shared service centers or bpo's (finance, it, customer service etc) go through transitions of processes to India and I belive they would need somebody here in their Polish sub. Go to and put Hindu and warszawa in search engine gap.
Or.... if you like to do some easier stuff for student tired head after school - try Indian restaurants. On Nowy Swiat there are two nice places. It always gives a better feeling for me as a guest of Indian, Mexican or Italian restaurant when their staff is of its native origin. It builds my trust.

My ideas for you as a student :). Once you complete studies you will have more prospects in tune with your major :).

Good luck!!!!

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Thank you so much for your informatic reply. It may give me the way to find job but language here is so difficult to understand and hard to learn.Once again thank you

please can you mike me on contact with some of those employeur
thatnk you

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