Netherlands secondary education

Hello everyone,
i've looked up the internet a lot but couldnt find answer for my questions.

i want to study secondary education in netherlands
im currently in my last year for Anadolu Lisesi diplomasi at Turkey.

Soo i wonder if i could come to netherlands and study there?

Like on a equal level which i am currently at.

Thanks for your time.

Hi and welcome to the Forum. :)

What subject are you hoping to study?

Well i want to get a vwo diploma and study university also
(i've dutch nationality)
but currently i have no idea what to do how to attend and stuff :)

Do you speak Dutch?

i can speak dutch read dutch but im not so good in writing since i've visited just sometimes there.
But i could learn it really fast. I'm really interested in foreign languages

You have family you can live with?

Sorry for the questions. :)

Yeah i've my grandparents or my family will come too.
im currently studying highschool in Turkey and its my last year but i want to have a vwo diploma

OK - the VWO diploma runs from age 12>18; I'm assuming from there you're aiming to go to College/University.  The only problem I see is that you won't have passed the exam that everybody has to pass to get into VWO; so normally, you'd be streamed straight into MBO, which is not what you want.  So it's whether they will accept your Turkish diploma as being the equivalent of, or will you have some catching up to do.

My advice is to ask your Grandparents to go and ask some questions at the local school, see if they can get you some relevant advice.  There is stuff on the Internet, but I don't know if it's up to date, or whether a personal appearance from family will help you.

You don't need any advice from us on immigration, you're as Dutch as the rest of them and entitled to the same as everybody else who lives there; the big thing will be getting past the VWO entry exam.  You may have to do some time in MBO, then take the exam.

Hope this helps.

According to my research if i complete highschool here it would be equal to " at least havo diploma".
I'm currently one of the best highschool in my city.
The thing is lots of things are changing here and i missed Netherlands.
Since havo isnt enough for some universities i wanted to get a vwo diploma as soon as possible and attend to university.

Quick information: Turkey has some sort of highschool types

Teknik lise: this is kinda like what you had talked about.
İmam hatip: Kinda more religious
Anatolian HighSchools: You can choose 4 sort of subjects at last class. One of the best highschool in Turkey
Science Highschool: Has only Turkhis maths and science subjects.

İm in an anatolian high school how i mentioned before my problem is that " at least a havo diploma" i want to gurantee that i can get in universities in netherlands

From HAVO, you can go to HBO and after a while, then transfer to WO, which is the top stream.

Whatever, this is not the place to get good advice on all your options, nobody here works in the Dutch education system.

There is an organisation called NUFFIC; they may be able to help you with some good advice; this link will take you to there website where you can get contact information.  There is even a Turkish section, but I think t is more about Turkish kids going back to Turkey to study; anyway, contact them and see what they can offer you.

The reason why i wrote it here is to see if there is a possibility or not.
(since i tought it should be) soo as far i see there definetly is a way.

Thank you for your time :)

You need some good, factual advice, from people who are working in the system.

I wish you all the best for your future. :)

The universities offering tests as well before you can enter the university. 
Maybe that's also an option for you.

Try that first, if you succeed you can directly to the university. If not than a good second option will be to do a first year of HBO (propedeuse jaar) and then stream into the university.

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