Hopefully i have a solution for my face problem

I need  help please why my face i have so many rushes its like a pimples but this is not normal  i guest my face have so many alergy i am her in saudi now do you have any idea what is this ?how  can i take out please need help😂😂

visit a dermatologist then ask him/her about your queries.

What site do i visiy sorry no idea here also im just trying only if any one had an idea ..



Are you new to Saudi?


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Hello Criss255...for me I think if u have an allergy problem you will suffer like that...better not to eat first for at least 2 months of all foods that u know you will get an allergy...coz before, I've got an allergy also my doctor advice me not to eat the eggs,chicken,shrimps,all that I know that it will not good for me...then she gave me antihistamine medicine...then to add for that I used Elica cream at night before I go to bed then I used dermasoap...Alhumdullillah now I'm fine it didn't came back anymore...but I didn't eat too much chicken anymore...hope this will help u...

OK no problem 😀

Yes..thanks for the advice yes..i stop eatting chicken i know that is the cost of my allergy bec i eat  chicken like in  mcdo i eat 2 pcs.after that all my face had so many rushes its like a pimples  and i ask to my madam when i was in philippines i eat chicken but i dont have like this situation or me be this is the cost of always eatting chicken everyday..but any ways thanks God my rushes is a little bit now cost i least eatting chicken now..thanks ..u..

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