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I am currently working in KSA, Khobar as a Banking Payroll Accountant,

my issue is that father name problem on my Degree and Iqama.

My Name on Degree : Muhammad Adil
Father Name on Degree: Ghulam Muhammad (All Result card & degree Matric, Inter, Bachelor Master)

Passport Name: Muhammad Adil
Father Name on Passport:  Ghulam Muhammad Alias Gama  (ALIAS Means URF Gama it's like Marfat)
Iqama Name: Muhammad Adil
Father Name on Iqama: Ghulam Muhammad Alias Gama
Means Iqama and Passport is correct.

so I went  last year to Saudi culture for attestation they rejected to attest my degree and said first change father name on your degree or Passport or Iqama. whichever you can easily change.

so please advise me what I do ?

I Live in Khobar KSA.

Can I change father name on my passport or Iqama to Riyadh Embassy ?plz advise the procedure

Being here in KSA changing name on passport and iqama would be easier for you then to change on your educational certificates. You can also Discuss the issue with your consulate in your city.

Thanks for your reply.

can I discuss with Pak embassy Khobar after 15 days in a month they come to Riyadh to solve some issue of Pakistanis Khobar residence and Dammam.

No need to change name on my Educational document if My name have to changed on IQAMA and PP then no need on Document. Because just I want to remove ALIAS GAMA  (URF GAMA ) then my all educational Document and Iqama will be matched with each other.

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