Playmates for a 2 y old sweet Girl, if available...

My 2 y. old granddaughter,  needs playmates his age/around his age, for fun couple of hours over the week/weekend. Weather permitting, playgrounds and/or parks would be best for a meetup.

Conversation in English, songs, poems,  gym exercises........ lots of fun. :thanks:
North of Bucharest.

If available, know of such events, please PM me.

All the best,


My wife and I just moved from New York to Bucharest with our 2yr old daughter.  We would love to set up a playdate for her with other English speaking children her age.  We live in the Piata Romana area, but can meet anywhere in the city.  We are available any day after 430pm.  I look forward to hearing from you and having the kids meet up.


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