Finding suitable University to study master degree in Malaysia

Hello expats,

I have bachelor degree in computer science with grade very good  , note that I got (F) in a subject ,so my degree is without HONS . Most reputable universities require bachelor degree with HONS or equivalent, so my question is what are available options for my case to be able to apply to masters in computer science or data science ?

Thanks in advance


How many years is your bachelor's degree?
You can check Asia Pacific University

My bachelor degree is 4 years , i know about APU But i need to know more choices not necessary in KL .

with 4 years bachelors degree you can get admission in MS.
For public sector, you can check University of Malaya and University Putra Malaysia. For private sector, Monash University and Sunway University

Appreciate this info , I looked them up on their official websites , I had my eyes on UTM
however their apply links are not working .Not sure if someone can help out
Here's their admission page Go to
Graduate Admission for International Student -> Online Application

Thanks in advance

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