Need a home for 4 UK cars

Hello, I'm looking for some advice to help dispose of 4 UK registered cars on the 16th of October.

To raise money for a childrens cancer charity, me and 13 colleagues will drive rom Northampton to North Africa (morocco) in 4 days in cars we bought for £500 - twitter #rustbucketeers

I have arranged to scrap the cars in Gibraltar, but would prefer to sell to second hand dealer or persons for spares/repairs.

Is anyone interested in taking these cars off our hands or can recommend a dealership that will have them? it would would be nice to get something for them to donate back to the charity.

Thanks in advance.

If you try to sell them you you run the risk of having to pay import duty



Thanks for responding. Do you think it would be easier/better to sell in Spain possibly?

Any dealers recommended north of the border?


Hi Adrew
Same problems and possibly more expensive in Spain

Sell for spares or scrap in Gib is probably your best answer though not garanteed,
Or return to UK


P.S. What cars are they?

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